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For fans of: Emily Giffin and This Is Us

You'll love when:
May’s mom catches her in the basement with a boy (OMG dying).

Best line:
“He looked at her like he couldn’t believe his good luck. Gross, but nice.”

Readers say: A beautifully written, sweet story that shows the strength of family, and the art of forgiveness and letting go.” —Amber, Amazon reviewer
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For fans of: Jodi Picoult and Parenthood with a dash of Intervention

You’ll love when:
Beck finds something precious he thought was lost (trust us, you’ll know it when you read it!).

Best line:
“You are a fierce warrior. You can do this. So shake the sleep from your eyes, and put your feet on the floor. It’s time to fight for what’s yours.”

Readers say: “A raw, engrossing, heartwarming, and emotionally draining novel.” —Peg, Barnes & Noble reviewer
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For fans of: Megan Miranda and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

You’ll love when:
Brynn has to play a cat-and-mouse game to slip away from her security detail.

Best line:
“She should have known he’d be good. He was so capable at everything, why would kissing be any different?”

Readers say: “One of the year’s best romantic suspense novels.”  —Debbie, Goodreads
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For fans of: Sally Thorne’s 99 Percent Mine and When Harry Met Sally

You’ll love when:
Josh comes out of the shower and has a wardrobe malfunction.

Best line:
“The first time we met, I was eighteen, he was twenty, and I vomited on his shoes.”

Readers say: “A lovely slow burn.” —Elizabeth, LibraryReads
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For fans of: Third Watch and J.D. Robb’s In Death series

You’ll love when:
Danny and Ann have to make an impossible choice—in the very first chapter!

Best line:
“What happened between us was a movie that started as a comedy, segued awkwardly into a romance, and ended with Anthony Hopkins eating someone’s liver with fava beans and a fucking Chianti.”

Readers say: “This book completely rocked my world…I can’t wait for more.” —Carol, Goodreads
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For fans of: The Nightingale and The Book Thief

You'll love when:
Ruby, an American woman living in 1939 Paris, discovers a secret hidden in the walls of her apartment building.

Best line:
“If we want to defeat darkness, we must find our own way to the light.”

 Mark your calendars: For a Facebook Live discussion of Rue on Nov. 29 at 5 ET, hosted by the S&S Book Club Favorites program! Find it here.
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For fans of: Sophie Kinsella and Hallmark movies like Unleashing Mr. Darcy—which this author wrote!

You'll love when:
Buttercup steals the show...again and again.

Best line:
“I’m Miss Texas, and this is my assistant, Fang."

Readers say: “Perfect for curling up with a cup of tea under a blanket while watching the snow fall.” —K.E. Brown, Amazon reviewer
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The Light Over London

For fans of: The Room on Rue Amélie and The Nightingale

You'll love when:
Louise climbs out her window to start her new life.

Best line:
“They were the Ack-Ack girls, the gunner girls, and, still a novelty among the RA, they were watched wherever they went.”

Readers say: “An utterly compelling tale of two women across decades who experience similar heartaches and joy. Highly recommended!” —Literary Soirée
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The Night Olivia Fell

For fans of: Megan Abbott and Big Little Lies

You'll love when:
Abi finally confronts a dangerous person from her own past.

Best line:
“Whenever, whatever. I’m here forever.”

Readers say: “I was absolutely hooked, it was such an emotional read that I was broken by the end. Heartbreaking and thrilling at the same time.” —Jenny Blackhurst, bestselling author of How I Lost You

Her book in 5 words: “We challenged Christina McDonald to describe her book in just five words, and here’s what she said: “Emotional. Suspenseful. Intense. Addictive. Atmospheric.”
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Gimme Some Sugar

For fans of: Kristan Higgins and Amy E. Reichert

Our favorite part:
When Lucy asks Duffy to put his cabinet-building skills to use, transforming the town's meat shop into a bake shop.

Why you’ll love it:
Lucy learns how to fall in love again after a soul-grinding marriage.
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The Unhoneymooners

For fans of: When Life Gives You Lululemons and Lauren Weisberger

Our favorite part: When Olive struggles to pretend to be Ethan’s husband as they greet the valet at their hotel.

Why you’ll love it: Watch in real time as enemies become lovers on the beaches of Hawaii.
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Me for You

For fans of: Who Do You Love and Fredrik Backman

Our favorite part: When Rudy and Sasha play in the mud after a storm.

Why you’ll love it: This touching story shows that love, even after multiple losses, can bring people together.
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City of Flickering Light

For fans of: La La Land and Martha Hall Kelly

Our favorite part: When Irene and Millie take Dan out to dinner with no money.

Why you’ll love it: The setting. You can’t get more picturesque than 1920s Hollywood.
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For Fans of: Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Alice Monroe’s own The Beach House (the book or the Lifetime movie!)

Description: Cara Rutledge, mainstay of the Beach House series, returns to her beloved home to raise her child. Linnea, her niece, will stay at the beach house as a nanny—and to get some distance from her controlling parents. As always, “Turtle Time” at the shore is the perfect remedy to heal old family wounds.

Vacation spot featured: Isle of Palms, South Carolina
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